What To Do If You Have Too Many Passions

I just wrote a post on my other blog about how to find something you’re passionate about. That post was under the assumption that you don’t have something you’re passionate about. Does that mean that if you like too many things you’re screwed? Of course not! If you’ve read my about page, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with learning new things. I have a long list of interests, but I keep them under control. In fact, they help me in other areas of my life, it’s great.

The common idea with having to many passions is that you can’t excel at a task. You’ll become a decent at stuff, but you won’t be good at anything. I’ve experimented with juggling different activities, and I’m finding out that this isn’t true. Having a lot of passions doesn’t hold you back from being great at something. My interests include dancing, languages, psychology, fitness, programming, magic tricks, reading, and others.

All of these interests help me with my main interests, writing and developing.

The key to doing this is focus and working hard. You must choose one or two passions that you enjoy, and pursue the others casually. It’s like dating. You choose some passions to marry and others to date on and off. This must be done because you should be working everyday to improve your main skills. If you decide to learn Ruby on Rails one day, then drop it for salsa for a month, you’re Ruby skills won’t increase.

Develop a balance

Once you’ve chosen the activities that you’re going to focus on, commit to them. In your free time, you should be able to try out other activities. For example, a couple months after starting my first blog, I decided to learn how to lock pick. I wrote often and did my school work, and, on the side, I opened locks for fun. In another instance, I started learning how to swing dance for fun. I want to emphasize that these weren’t pressured to do anything or achieve a goal.

While learning these things, I still devoted time to writing and school.

The Weird Benefit

The main idea is that learning things is fun. You don’t have to be limited on what you can start trying. I’m having a change in mindset in this area. Previously, I thought that you had to drop all your other activities. I stopped exercising and doing other fun stuff to start working on my blog and programming. Eventually, I started feeling pretty bad and my work started to suffer.

Some people enjoy learning new things and having multiple passions. It seems possible to pursue other areas to learn while  achieving some cool things in your field.

When I learn something new, I enter a change of perspective. For example, when I learned how to program, I’m forced to think more logically. I have to think about variables and if/else statements. It’s the same analytical thinking in chess too. These skills travel over to when I play basketball. I perform more calculations when making decisions while defending. The game becomes a series of if/else statements. Like this :


If (Andy==Bad)   {echo dunk 

    } else { echo ‘I’m screwed’};


Maybe not exactly like that, but you should get the point. Learning is hard, but that doesn’t mean you should stop.

What To Do If You Have Too Many Passions

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