New Website!

Changes are happening. A couple of years ago, talking to strangers was amazing. Now, I’m kind of steering away from it. It’s kind of fun, but it isn’t as great as the first time. The first time, I felt adrenaline and laughter during the conversation. I felt pretty good. Now, it’s changed. Because I’m in high school, I’m going to change a lot over the years.

I still like watching prank videos and social experiments. They are hilarious. One I enjoyed was LAHWF, and you may have seen his video on tipping servers a large sum of money or trying to kiss girls. He’s been popular for about three years and he’s finally done doing pranks. He said something along the lines of, it gets really boring, and it ends up being the same.

This ties into the reason that I’m launching I want to build something that will change as I change over the years. I guarantee that I am going to dislike my first blog, TheModernLingo , as time goes on. In fact, I already have a slight dislike of the website now, but I have to keep it for a school project.

That’s the purpose of this website/blog. If I decide that I don’t like psychology, languages, or people in general. I don’t have to create an entirely new website, instead, I can use It’s a name without a meaning. It’s flexible and fits my every need. I don’t have to worry about changing the brand name because my personality changes. If I like traveling for a couple of years, then I change to martial arts, my career isn’t affected. And just to say, my personality will change.

I can’t keep waiting around for the next “perfect passion”. I don’t think that exists. I think I have to practice building things. Whether I’m building a blog, web app, parkour skill, or training monkey’s in a Japanese zoo. I’m going to try to bring myself to focus on a project and not get distracted by the hundred other activities that are in this world.

I’ll write a quick statement about the focus of the blog. Currently, it’s focused on a couple of my new hobbies. These include predominantly web development, fitness, and other stuff in my life. These are the things that I like currently, so we’ll see where they take me.

That’s the launch statement, and the blog post. I’ll still be writing content and working on a regular basis towards building this site and other endeavors. This blog should be a lot more focused than the last one. We’ll see where it goes.

New Website!

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