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I’ve been writing a solid amount of articles on Themodernlingo.com; however, with the addition of my CAS project, I want to keep that one focused on school. This blog is centered on my thoughts about life and learning.

This blog is dedicated to answer the question, what’s the best way that I can improve my life? I usually reference psychology, mind sets, and my life experiences to answer this question. I aim to develop myself as a person as I embark on a journey to answer this question.

In addition to a this blog, RaymondJones.net also displays my skills in the web development field. The web apps that I create are posted on the portfolio section of the website. I’ll continue to update the list as I create more projects and learn more about PHP.

About Raymond Jones

I started blogging halfway through my Junior year of high school. Since then, I’ve written over 100,000 words about mostly topics regarding life choices and our behavioral decision making. Blogging been a great way to express my ideas about the world, and I assume that it will be a lasting part of my life.

Recently, learning has become an important topic in my life. I’m constantly learning new things and searching for new avenues.

Besides writing articles, thinking about life, and exercising, my interests include programming, traveling, and learning anything that I can get a hold of.


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