A New Project

Learning how to program is great. The best part of coding is putting in a solid amount of work and tweaking your code until it becomes a functional product. It’s like building a house, or drawing a picture. Although you didn’t physically build it, you told a computer to do something, and it did it.

Over the summer, my respect for programmers has tremendously increased. I would love to meet more people in this field. Web design, development, or general programmers, they’re all cool. In fact, I emailed a couple of successful web developers which I will talk about later(*hint* They’re awesome)

I won’t lie. Other times, programming is the absolute worst. It can be annoying and frustrating. A month ago, I spent four hours installing a program that would take me 15 minutes now. That’s only the beginning. Learning the program was an absolute pain. It has its ups and downs. Besides this occasional annoyance, it’s a fun field. It makes me wish I practiced math more in school because I definitely can see a future in this hobby.

I’m thinking a lot about the next project that I’m going to jump into. A couple that I have on mind is expanding the to-do list into having a login function and send out reminders on assignments. Or maybe, I could make a quiz app that gives you a personality type at the end. Or, I could make an exercise generator to assist in creating workouts for people who have no idea. There are a lot of options.

Originally, I thought of programming as something really nerdy people do, but I’ve met some pretty cool people who are into it. Along with that, it’s easy and changes the way you think. I think it’s a great way to diversify thinking with the benefit of having created something. One reason for this is because programming uses a lot of logic.

If/then statements, creation and management of variables, syntax, there is so much logic involved.

Right now, I’m not the best at coding, but I definitely plan to improve. For the past three months, I’ve been coding almost every day. To an extent, it’s even my love of language learning(For now). I’m still obsessed with Spanish and I try to speak it at least once a week.

I’ve gone on for awhile about programming. What’s something that you’ve recently learned? Tell me in the comments!

A New Project

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